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Adaptive User Interface

• Workflow driven, customizable UI

• Multi-language support

• Optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)


• Open API – JSON and JavaScript APIs to enable integration from any Web platform

​• Develop integrations easily using dynamic plug-ins 

• Over 3000 integrations available

Security and Privacy

• Enhanced password encryption, policies and MFA

• Support for internal and external directories 

• Compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 

• Compliant with GDPR (EU) 2016/679 


• Install on-premises, or in a managed cloud

• Operating system and database independent

• Built-in application performance management (APM)

• Built-in tools for scalability and redundancy

Business Intelligence

• Live dashboard reporting to measure KPI's

• Customizable reporting tools for data insights

• Predictive risk analysis of route, driver and vehicle behavior

• Trend and incident analysis tools for security teams

Alerts and Events

• SLA, process, time and location driven alerts

• Alerts from integrated device sensors

• Notifications for drivers, planners and security teams

• Alerts for integrated intervention and LEA teams


• Digitization driven by process automation

• Import excel files and push data form other systems to autofill tasks

• Compatible with UI Path, Tensor flow and blockchain systems

Mapping Tools

• Multiple mapping layers for enhanced visibility and visual analysis

• Reverse geocoding and route optimisation

• Customizable maps, layers and filters

Resource Management

• Manage directories of drivers, hauliers and assets for compliance

• Manage routings and communicate through the platform with all stakeholders

• Manage compliance for TAPA standards

Platform Features

Achieve Optimal Supply Chain Security & End-to-End Visibility

ALL ONE VIEW offers full visibility for customers and planning teams, automation of repetitive tasks and reports and more, all from one platform!

It's Time to Transform Your Supply Chain

Transform and digitalize your supply chain security and planning operations. 

Unified Visibility of All Your Shipments at Your Fingertips

ALL ONE VIEW platform

Process Automation

Effortlessly automate manual processes to improve operational efficiency and quality.

Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights to your supply chain with live KPI dashboards and comprehensive reporting tools.

Mapping Optimization 

Drive business value by unlocking location intelligence. Optimize routes, predict events and capture milestones.

Integrated Visibility

Connect all your GPS devices, IOT sensors and telematics systems for real-time intermodal freight tracking.

Proactive Risk Management

Built-in predictive risk profiles for command and control towers to secure shipments proactively. Launch automation driven escalations and interventions.

Smart Supply Chain Management

Connect data flows from the databases, systems and apps that drive your supply chain. Achieve integrated transformation and automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect and view multiple 3rd party devices?

Yes, we have integrations with most leading brands, so you can easily view all your shipments on one platform.

I have over 200 contractor fleets, can I connect them all to the platform?

Yes, we can connect all fleets into one eco system. Your planning team, subcontractors and drivers can all operate from one platform.

Can the driver access the platform to submit POD ?

Yes, drivers get access to our driver's app to provide instant proof of delivery and pre-departure check lists.

What type of sensors are supported by the platform ?

We support wide range of sensors depending on device being used, such as panic buttons, door sensors, light, temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt sensors and more.

Can you provide a complete solution, including a dedicated control tower ?

Yes, we have a fully licenced security monitoring centre to oversee the safety of your shipments.

Do you provide GPS devices ?

Yes, we partner with the world's leading brands to provide customised device solution, based on your requirements.

Is it possible to track multimodal shipments on ALL ONE VIEW?

Yes, we provide end-to-end visibility across all modes  of a shipment's journey.

You can combine road, air, sea and rail data for multimodal and intermodal shipments.

Can I connect my TMS and track and-trace systems for data?

Yes, we can easily integrate data between transport management systems and global track-and-trace platforms of your company.

Our Platform is Designed To Deliver High Performance Across Industries


Freight Forwarding

Security & Law Enforcement


Retail & Perishables

Luxury Goods

Alcohol & Tobacco



Financial & Insurance Services

Run it Anywhere

Environment, App Server and Database Flexibility

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