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Reducing Electronic Waste in Supply Chain - a Crucial Step to Sustainable trade

Find out how ALL ONE VIEW helps us and our customers reduce carbon footprint

Reducing electronic waste in our industry has been one of the main focus points of our organisation. As supply chains become more agile, sustainability becomes a key consideration in buying decisions. As a result, companies are taking a closer look at their operations and supply chains to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

By digitalising and creating an integrated security system, we can reduce the electronic waste created in supply chains of our customers by over 80%.


Typically, a delivery vehicle is already hardwired with a GPS device and connected to their native, web-based GPS platform to produce visibility for drivers and transport companies. One of the concerns is that the visibility of these vehicles is limited to local users. External users such as freight-forwarders only have limited visibility through separate credentials for the platform.


Our customers in freight forwarding and manufacturing work with hundreds of transport companies, which has created operational challenges for our customers and monitoring teams, as hundreds of different web-based GPS platforms were needed to understand the status of the shipments. To counter this, us and our customers would purchase hundreds of dedicated GPS devices from different providers to create a single visibility of the shipments on one platform. These devices are given to the transport companies and their drivers, who are then required to install these in their cargo, so that the location visibility can be produced for the shipments.


We launched an initiative with our customers to reduce the number of unnecessary electronic resources, GPS devices and platforms being used by us and our customers. We investigated each transport provider’s existing hardwired native GPS devices and native platforms for data integration into our system through APIs, web services and FTP services. We were able to create a unified system that collects real-time location and sensor information from the vehicle without having the need for an external GPS device. This enabled us and our customers to reduce e-waste, systems and servers across the entire process and manage the supply chain security and visibility from a unified platform. We were able to re-deploy existing GPS devices in extreme situations only.


As a result, we are now able to provide better business intelligence to customers and decision makers using our connected and unified system. This reduces reliance on infrequent and incomplete data, which failed to produce insights into sustainability that supply chains need. Us and our customers can now leverage analytics to investigate trends, identify patterns, reduce dwell times, reduce fuel wastage, idling time, inefficient routing and find areas for improvement in the operations.

Through increased connectivity and better intelligence, our customers can increase effectiveness. With real-time visibility, reliable ETAs, and predictive alerts, they can be proactive instead of reactive and make smart, real-time decisions rooted in high-fidelity data and predictive intelligence. With these abilities and by linking environmental sustainability to the shipment or order, our customers can now build a better strategy to reduce carbon footprint.


Get in touch today to discuss how ALL ONE VIEW can transform your supply chain security and visibility and reduce carbon footprint for your company.


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